Bottle Menaud
Object 2019

Between tradition and modernity

Wisdom and boldness served as the driving force behind the creative process of the Menaud bottle project, where we wanted tradition to unite with modernity. The bottle is intended as a tribute to divergence; a demonstration of the elegance that arises when opposites harmonize.

The bottle design features a stable and robust shape provided by the cylinder (accentuated by a slope of 1º) which separates the sensual flow of the upper part of the bottle. A distinctive cap seamlessly integrated into the curve, a detail that is incorporated with complete finesse, though simultaneously a technical feat. A wooden stopper is preferred to preserve an organic quality and to reference the codes of brewery tradition, as well as the cultural history of log driving. The design of the base celebrates the contents of the bottle by elevating it as if on a podium. The translucence of the glass also permits the generous weight of the base to be admired, under which hides a treasure to be discovered. Under each bottle is a sentence excerpt from the novel Menaud Master of the River by Felix-Antoine Savard, which is considered to be a significant literary masterpiece of Quebec. Continuing this ode to provincial heritage, the colour of the glass is not that of standard green, but instead a mix between the green of the Charlevoix forests and the blue of the St. Lawrence River.

Our design direction for this project strives to be both relevant and elegant at once, catering to a curious and discerning consumer. This work is an exercise in putting substance first, whereby form is the resulting outcome. More than a bottle, it is above all the fruit of a collaboration between passionate dreamers.

Client: Wedge