Bottle Aupale
Object 2020

Opalescence and elegance

Born under the Northern Lights of Northern Quebec, Aupale is an incarnation of the exchange of elemental energies between heaven and earth. The essence of the brand is greatly inspired by the allure of the Côte-Nord landscape, where a source of natural glacier water can be found. Aupale derives its name from the precious stone of the same name, which creates colourful light refractions reminiscent of the provincial northern lights.

Aupale paves the way for a new line of spirits that seek to redefine luxury. With its graceful curves and suggestive texture reminiscent of glaciers (and by extension, the purity of vodka) the Aupale bottle went through nearly ten iterations before reaching its final form. The bottle’s final design features opalescent reflections, frosted texture, and traces of embossing, referencing purity and the cold winters of the great north.This elegant and singular silhouette is positioned like no other, standing in a category of its own alongside traditional bottles of wine, gin and vodka. The classic shape of the bottle contrasts with its modern textures, which were engraved by hand in Germany on a wooden block to recreate the volumetric progression of winter’s frost, then 3D scanned for manufacturing of the glass mold. Each bottle is sealed with a thick, pale green pewter cap reminiscent of the delicate colours of nature. 

This project is the resulting synergy of a music enthusiast and a nature lover; an encounter between two individuals who have the audacity to go in opposite directions with conviction in order to create a product of rare elegance, committed to defying the limits of the highest level of quality.

Client: Wedge