Amplifier Vinnie Rossi
Object 2021

The ear is the avenue to the heart

Timelessness is not exactly classic, nor modern or futuristic. A timeless design piece should be positively unadorned and sheltered from passing trends, and this is precisely what Vinnie and I were looking for. As such, the Brama Collection is an attempt at redefining indulgence in the most elegant and enduring fashion.

Proportions are meticulously calibrated and each piece that comprises the chassis design is in a harmonious relation to another. Everything feels properly sized, balanced, and in its right place. The Brama Collection unifies rational lines to sensual curvatures. In terms of materials, they need to feel as premium as they appear. The entire Brama chassis is machined out of solid, high-grade aluminum-6063 billets. This is the unquestionable choice for strength, resistance to corrosion, and fine surface quality. Each panel is finished with a micro bead-blast treatment to reveal the smoothest surface quality possible. It also acts as an excellent heat sink, a property we fully take advantage of with two unibody side panels, each perforated from top to bottom for hot air to channel upwards and outwards.

In Italian, brama evokes a deep desire that is just out of reach, a sort of eternal romanticism. In many ways, this sentiment has resonated throughout the entire creative process. Our goal was to design an object of lasting allure that could stand the test of time. Voltaire once said, the ear is the avenue to the heart.

Materials: 6063 aluminium alloy
Dimensions: W 20.5″ D 17″ H 5.75″ (520mm x 430mm x 145mm)
Client: Vinnie Rossi