Camera Porsche Design/Samsung
Object 2017

In pursuit of simplicity

The request was clear: to bring a touch of modernity to the NX 500. It’s predecessor, the NX 300, was seen as too retro-modern, so the challenge here was to get the balance just right.

The nostalgia that emanates from this bygone era is also at the root of many of the design challenges of this project. For example, the throwback to retro design of the typical sandwich body (a key feature of most single-lens reflex cameras of the time) is no longer tied to the functionality of current technology.

I wanted to revisit this particular function (which is not on the production model shown here), while re-examining certain key features, including the iconic racetrack-shaped silhouette that is part of the Samsung brand DNA. The pursuit of simplicity was at the heart of my creative process.

Client: Studio F. A. Porsche
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