Reversible Converters Theatrixx Technologies
Technology 2018

Rational elegance

The mandate for Theatrixx Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of high-end technical equipment intended for the performing arts, events and entertainment sectors, was to rethink the reversible converter system in order to strip the design of all non-essential features, without losing technical function.

The modular design allows each system to be configured quickly and with the necessary precision–even reconfigured on the go, with a plethora of modules available, including SDI, HDMI, Fiber, HDBaseT and more. The modules have been designed so that they can be inserted in both directions, which allows the I / O to be positioned on the front or rear of the unit, as required. Its shallow design allows it to be placed behind processors, scalers or other devices to save rack space.

This particular type of object is often designated to be kept hidden in the shadows, much like an afterthought. With this mandate, our aim was to bring its significance and functional elegance to the spotlight, to be admired by those who benefit from its technical prowess.

Materials: 6063 aluminium alloy
Dimensions: W 19″ D 7.37″ H 5.25″ (482.60mm x 187.30mm x 133.35mm)
Client: Theatrixx Technologies