Table Research
Furniture 2021

To be or not to be

The Aki table was born from a desire to revisit the extendable dining table that doesn’t appear to be as such… at least, at first glance. Inspired by the aesthetics of Danish furniture design and Japanese functional minimalism, our proposal communicates a clear and elegant interpretation of compositional elements. This simplified approach to the conventional extendable table frees the design from visual overload often associated with this type of product.

The first step is material selection: we decided on premium white oak, a wood valued for its robustness as well as its distinctive grain. The addition of a matte finish (tung oil) amplifies the modest yet warm character of this design. Careful attention is also given to each and every element. Driven by the goal of doing more with less, the proportions of the elements have been carefully considered for both the compact and extended function. The surface panel resting on the central beam divides into two shelves, which are held in place by stainless steel dowels. Below the main surface of the table are four stainless steel rails designed to slide outward, on which the shelves are placed when the need for a larger surface arises. Also noteworthy are the rounded and elegant shape of the legs, a contrast with the other rectangular design elements of the table. The slightly angled positioning of the table legs ensures maximum legroom for the user.

We believe that a piece of wood furniture should last at least as long as the tree it came from, which is why we created the Aki table to stand the test of time, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Materials: White oak, stainless steel
Dimensions: W 68″- 86″ D 33″ H 28.5″