Distillery System Menaud
Industrial 2019

From grain to bottle

Distillery systems have a fascinating je ne sais quoi. They have a little something majestic, reminiscent of great church organs. Imposing in size and complexity, they are in a league all their own. The mandate given by Menaud was to create a guideline between the design of the bottles (see project 05) and the still system of the distillery. Opportunities like this are few and far between, proving just how this master distiller chooses to stand out by doing things differently.

The stability and robustness of the cylinders, enhanced by a 1º slope, is the first characteristic that mirrors the design of the bottles. The reservoirs are made of two metals: stainless steel and copper, which also references the duality of the materials present on the bottle (wood and glass).

This complex distillery system is clearly much more than a series of pipes and bolts; it’s also the very core of the Menaud brand– where it all begins. The next time you have a glass of Menaud gin, vodka or whiskey, the journey of the spirit through this unique and complex system may just come to mind.

This project could not have been achieved without the help of our valued associates at Specific Mechanical Systems.

Materials: Stainless steel, copper
Dimensions: Capacity 1050 L
Client: Menaud