Table Bonnes intentions inc.
Furniture 2024

Bonnes intentions inc. is born from a desire to tackle everyday problems with simplicity and charm. Ideas come to us by listening to our customers needs. Lately, our focus shifted towards charging solutions, and how they often clutter our living spaces with messy wires, knots and power bricks…

Inductive charging has been around for a while now, but its integration more than often translates into “just another brick” lying on a piece of furniture. Why not make this “brick” the piece of furniture altogether? And while we’re at it, what other scenarios could this proposition serve?

Object 02 is a small “table-like” surface meant to accomplish as many tasks as its simplicity will allow for. Its design is characterized by the presence of a hole through which possibilities arise. Beyond a Qi charger, this hole can accommodate vases, pots, a pin tray, an umbrella, or a bedside lamp…

A wishing well for all lifestyles.